On this page are pictures of some old friends from Liverpool England pre 1970 before I came to live in Canada if you recognize anyone, or yourself it would be really great to hear from you. There is also short a short list of names of friends I grew up with but unfortunately  I do not have a photo of them. If you do see yourself you can email me HERE

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Above are three photos of me Jim Kielty sometimes called Sonny Kielty long time resident of Drysdale St Dingle Liverpool 8 (# 5 & # 23 1945 to the early 70's). Click on any photo of me for more info, full size photos and and more names
Formerly Joan McGuire now married last known to be living in Southampton used to live in Peel St in the Dingle
Raymond (sugar) Williams with sister Margaret. Married to a girl called Anne White. Best mate for most of my life had 3 sisters pictured below & 2 brothers John & George Shannon. Lived in #2 Drysdale next to the fish shop on the corner of Park Rd
Raymond (sugar) again the extra appendages are mine
Joan Williams
Margaret Williams
Denise Williams on her Wedding Day
Joan Williams I think she is with her sister Margaret's Daughter
Joan Williams & friend Jackie and his Kids. Jackie's wife is pictured below. Her name was Sheila Hughes
Sheila Hughes working on her house used to live down the shorefields
Me mate Dave Ellison of the Ellisons of the dingle. We watched lots of games at Anfield "while my car was getting stolen" (go by car come home by bus) Used to live around Twiss St after he got Married.
Dave and his mum & dad Bill & Doris
Dave's Wedding
Doris & sons Keith & Ian
Keith Ellison
Ian Ellison
Paul Ellison
Ian with his Niece I think
Jean & Neil lived in Twiss St
Jean & Neil's daughter
I think the guys name was Ian sorry I can't remember

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