Jim (Sonny) Kielty

Born in the Dingle Liverpool 8, lived at 23 Drysdale St (corner of Wilson St) went to Matthew Arnold school. Later moved into 5 Drysdale St with my parents and stayed in that house when they emigrated to Canada. Then moved to Twiss St in a new estate up on High Park St until 1976 when I to emigrated to Canada. Also attended The Liverpool Institute until 1960. Played soccer for the Labour Club corner of Peel St. Grandparents on my mums side used to live at 23 Drysdale St. Mary & bill Thompson. Grandparents on my dads side lived at 116 Wellington rd on the corner of Rectory St Jim & Elizabeth Kielty. My parents were Jim & Edith Kielty (formerly Edith Thompson passed away a number of years ago).


Top center about 1950
Top right about 1976
Bottom left mid 60's
Bottom center late 70's
Bottom right around 1999


The Thompson's

Bill & Mary Thompson

Ethel  married name Fanner lived in Old swan 2 kids Gaynor and Billy?
Florry   married name Hudson lived in Morton 3 kids ? Pat, Peter, ?
Jean married name Godfrey lived in Morton ? kids Ronnie, Jean, Joyce, ???
Edith married name Kielty lived in the Dingle 4 kids Jim (Sonny), Lynne, Stephen, Anne
Rene married name Biddulph lived in Runcorn? 2 kids ???

The Kielty's

Jim & Elizabeth Kielty

Mary married name Brownrigg 2 kids Paul & allan
Helen married name Whalley Suzanne, Kevin, John, Maria, Joanne, Sheila
Patrick 2 kids Dianne, Colette, Phillip
James 4 kids Jim (Sonny), Lynne, Stephen, Anne
Patty 0 kids
Brian Deceased

Below are the names only of some other mates (no pics unfortunatly)

Kenny (the mighty) Quinn Lived in Miller St Tommy Meakin lived in Drysdale st
Chris (minnie) Tierney Bobby Davies lived in Drysdale St
Brian Ball lived with his brother Eddy & dad Anne George lived in Drysdale St
Ronnie Haslin lived in Mather St  Kathleen Callaghan lived in Mather St
Douggie Meakin lived in Gilpin St Irene Grimes lived in Wilson St
Pat Meakin lived in Drysdale St Margaret Labeck lived in Wilson St
Henry Nelson Alan (spud) Hill lived in Menzies St
Billy Bell Billy Hill Menzies St
Harry & Bernice Douglas Peter? Lived in Dingle Lane with his dad
Kenny Edwards lived off Southill rd  

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