Basingstoke Railway Station
I would love to here from
anyone who recognizes me
Born in Hamilton Ontario Canada, raised in Basingstoke 
Hampshire England. I returned to Canada in 1976 and
have lived in Dundas Ontario ever since.
My maiden name was Horner, I have two brothers and
one sister, one brother still lives in Basingstoke with his
family. I like to play darts (not very well) and I do all
sorts of crafts that I usually give away to friends and
family. The pictures at top are myself and my two kids
Shaun and Melissa.
On this page you will find some links to Basingstoke and
and some of my favorite web sites.
Below are my grandkids click on photo to view galleries
Courtney Alissa Abigail Ellah Dominic

  Jim & Fay 2004-2006